Bold New World

The Caves Below

session two

The next morning, Callie wakes up to find herself in a room. A knock at the door rouses her, she slowly stumbles from the bed, still feeling the effects of last night’s grog. As she reaches the door, it opens to reveal Tofdir Duflame, the gnome proprietor of the Fiery Grog Tavern. The gnome summons Callie downstairs, as well as Fenric, from his room next door.

Downstairs, a goliath cook carries a bucket of water to a corner of the tavern. There, Fayelle and Hikari are sleeping, having failed to pay for their rooms before the night’s brawl. He douses the women awake, grunts, and returns to his work. Awake, cold, wet, and hungover, Hikari and Fayelle are summoned to a table by Tofdir.

Tofdir proceeds to explain to our heroes the consequences of their actions. He motions to the large tank in the center of the room, where Ari dances. A large crack has formed, the result of an errant attack, no doubt. Callie apologizes and casts mending to repair the tank, sealing the crack. Tofdir, however, is not satisfied. He tells the party that he will forgive the brawl, if the heroes perform a task for him.

His basement storeroom is the frequent victim of vicious monster attacks. He wants the heroes to find the source of the creatures and eradicate it. The heroes gather their gear and proceed to the basement.

Downstairs, they investigate the storeroom and discover trail of crumbs leading to a hole leading to some kind of cavern. Courtesy of Fenric, the party is bathed in a soft blue-white light as they follow the trail to a large cavern where they are attacked by a grotesque rat creature with large, spider-like legs and several other unnaturally large rats. The spider rat attaches itself to Fenric’s face and he attempts to remove it with fire. Hikari is able to manage most of them with little issue, but the spider rat manages to escape and scurries along the cavern ceiling deeper within the cavern.

Following the trail further, the team finds a small cavern where the rats seem to be storing the food they steal from the tavern. At the entrance they spot a strange stone that doesn’t match the rest of the floor. They try to remove it to no avail. Searching the room for some sort of pry bar, Callie finds a small book containing inane ramblings, Fayelle finds a strange potion.

They also spot a strange pattern in the rocky face of the north wall. A bit of pushing and pulling reveals the abnormality to be a secret door. Inside reveals a strange fish-man statue, wearing tattered robes with hundreds of coins scattered at the base. The statue slowly emits a strange mucus that unnerves the party. Fayelle ventures a coin from the pile, fearing any negative reaction. Nothing happens.

Unwilling to tempt the wrath of whatever deity this shrine belongs to, the party seals the room once again. Callie, taking further measures, places a barrel of wine in front of the door, as well as a small offering of two coins on top. Fayelle, returns her coin on the top as well.

The party decides to venture further down the cavern. Fayelle, however, forgets about the strange stone at the entrance to the storeroom, and triggers an axe trap. She manages to avoid most of the harm, but the swinging axe manages to take some flesh from her shoulder.

Just as the party reaches another large cavern, Hikari feels a strange tension and release in the back of her skull. Before the party can realize what happened, a loud ringing bell with no discernible source starts to ring. Whatever creatures call this cave home have now been alerted to the presence of intruders.

end part two


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