Bold New World

The Caves Below, Conclusion

sessions three-seven

The party continues it’s excursions into the caves below the Fiery Grog Tavern. After many hardships, including the loss of their companion Fenric, our heroes find the source of the strange inhabitants of this cavern. It seems a mad elf, known to himself as the Rat King, set up shop here ages ago, experimenting on rats as to create his own army of servants.

The heroes confront the Rat King in his lair, forcing him to flee. He escapes but the party still has business in the caves, as they were also contracted to discover the fate of Emeria Vallejo, the ancestor of one of the tavern’s many guests.

They venture in one more time, exploring a passage previously left unchecked. It is here they discover Emeria’s fate. She and her party had stumbled into a lair of darkmantles, cunning predators who ambush their prey. Such a sad irony that Emeria had fallen, mere footsteps away from her quarry, the Storm’s Herald which sat at the end of the passage.

With their business with the Fiery Grog Tavern concluded, our heroes look forward to their next adventure.


daringdice daringdice

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