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The Mansion of the Hill Pt1

The Mansion of The Black Cat has stood up on that dark hill for generation laying empty and untouched for years. There are stories that the original owners died in there and that everyone who enters never comes back out again, but with every horror there is an incentive for adventurers to risk their lives to get. This is where you all come in. I am seeking the long lost treasure of the Mansion said to be somewhere inside well specifically a magical sword said to have the power of ice in its blade. This sword is a long lost heirloom of my family and I want to see it returned to its rightful place among my family. But be warned many people have sought what lies inside but few return and all those who do are not same as how they went in. So be careful, keep your wits about you and please help my family get that what was once stolen.
This was all the party received as they headed towards that accursed mansion that stood atop the hill looming over the little village of Pumpkin Hollow. The party found their way to the main gates of the mansion where they proceed to open the gates as a large black cloud appears over the mansion. The party quickly close the gate and for some strange reason the sky clears up, so the party begins experimenting with that gate opening and closing the gate with the clouds and storm appearing and vanishing every time the gate is open and then closed. After twenty minutes they finally decide to open on side of the gate so only one side of the house was in the storm. After fooling around with the gate the party moves up to the pathway were a solid wood door looms with a small window above the doorway. Vash and his sister Varea decide to get a peek inside the room so Varea climbs on Vashe’s shoulders and peeks inside to find a small room with a few benches and another set of doors. While this happens Nico decides to get his own peeking in. Varea checks the door and finds it is not locked so she opens it the door creaks open and inside there is an entryway.
Nico then suggests the party split up to look around the grounds to see what lies inside the mansion. So, the party divides into two with the twins on one side and Nico and Cheyona in the other the two groups proceed in opposite directions to scout out the mansion exterior. Along the way both side see that this house has many horrors in the form of Undead, but for some reason they are acting more like living creatures with some skeletons dancing in the Ballroom and others cooking a meal in the kitchen the party is intrigued by what might be going on but for now decide to head to a side door next to the kitchen. Nico suggests that they make a distraction so that they can gain the element of surprise and kill the ghouls in the kitchen. So Nico decides that Cheyona would be able to make a perfect distraction. Cheyona agreed to make the distraction while the rest of the party went in for the kill. Before they party broke up Nico asked Cheyona to give him some light so Cheyona asks what he wants lit up and Nico hold up a spoon and asks “Can you make it pink.” Now with his spoon glowing pink Nico and the rest of the party wait for the distraction caused by Cheyona. Cheyona opens a small grey bag and pulls out a small ball of fluff which he throws on the ground and it grows into a giant Elk which is then commanded to run into the window and cause a ruckus. The Elk takes a few steps back get a running start and charges the glass. As the Elk hits the window with a smack it then begins to slide off unable to break the glass. As this occurs the rest of the party gets into position as Varea transforms herself into a small dragon and proceeded to choke the large Ghast named Jeffery in the throat strangling it. She then proceeds to run it threw. Nico in the meantime grabs a Lollipop from his coat and puts it in his mouth as he condenses some of his life essence on to a sword and proceeds to chop Tony the wight to pieces. Vash prepares his two hand axes for battle as skeletons start pouring in from the dining room. After making the distraction Cheyona commanded the Elk to break down the wall since it could not fit through the doorway. The Elk then proceeds to bash through the wall causing dust and debris all over the kitchen as the rest of the party begins to move out the door Chayona runs inside ready for a fight and proceeds to scare off the rest of the ghosts and skeletons. The party manages to retreat to the entrance of the mansion a successful distraction pulled off.
Varea creeps up to the second set of doors and proceeds to open them and proceed down the hallway into the center on the mansion. As she moves onward see hears a small fizzling sound as a large notices goes off where she and the rest of the party were standing as doors start to open the party rushes into the nearest available room where Nico barricades the door as they wait in silence to see if they were discovered a minute goes by and the party hears the scrambling of bones outside as they hear a knock at the door one then two, thinking quickly Varea uses her ring to cast a noise across the way at which the skeleton seems to follow. After waiting several minutes Nico decides to poke his head outside the door seeing three skeletons and a ghoulish looking women he decides to try and distract them so they can get the jump on them. So, Nico proceeds to throw his spoon out the door which catches the attention of the skeletons. While the skeletons stair at the light the ghoulish figure starts to move closer to the door and when it is at the door it opens its mouth and screams at the party immediately Vash and Nico drop to the floor out of sheer terror. Varea springs into action pouring a potion down Nico and her brother’s throats. After getting up Nico tries to block the door to no avail as the banshee flows right through the door and him. The banshee strikes out at Chayona but misses as the party retaliates and manages to fell the creature and the Skeletons Nico distracted.
After destroying the banshee and Skeletons the party takes a breather as Nico passes out on the couch. After taking a short rest the party scours the room looking for any sign of a switch or staircase leading down into the lower level of the mansion. Nico looks at the bookshelf checking for a lever and a cookbook although he was not able to find a lever he did find an old cookbook in the bookcase. Cheyeona tried looking under the carpet to find nothing but the hard floor underneath. Varea decided to search the painting on the wall upon searching them she found a rope behind a picture of a Black Cat that the party saw earlier on top of the gate. After seeing it the Varea showed it to the rest of the party were Vash goes and pulls it and hears a rumbling coming from under the mansion. The party then splits up to find the source of the rumbling. Nico goes to the kitchen to see if there was anything missed in there he searches the cupboards and finds a slightly rusted knife which he puts in his pocket and out of the corner of his eye he notices a trapdoor under the rubble. Varea went stealth and vanished from existence and proceeded throw dice at unsuspecting party members. She then proceeded into the Kitchen where she tries to find something but is unsuccessful. Sheyona take a look upstairs to make sure nothing would come from behind but was not able to find anything but a door that was slightly ajar. Vash decided to explore the game room where he found several card tables with dust piles and dice on the table. After finding the trap door Nico decides it would be a better idea to gather the party before entering so the party all gathers around as Vash opens the door to the cellar, Varea turns into a pseudodragon and scouts out the cellar.
Upon seeing a hole in the wall she reports back to the rest of the party and they descend the ladder into the cellar. Nico then proceeds to search the wine rack for any wine that might still be good. Varea explores beyond the opening to find that it extends too three separate passages. Nico, Vash and Varea explore the right path to see that it extends back to a metal door. Nico see a tripwire in the distances and uses his spoon to point it out to Varea who then disables it. In the meantime Cheyona looks down the left path to see stairs in the distance then he explores the downward path to find another tripwire and a metal door which he goes and hears the sound of footsteps and bubbling chemicals on the other side, he then reports back to the party what he saw. Nico then decides he wanted to see for himself and goes back to the door but is not able to hear anything else. After returning to the party Nico talks about how there might be a Necromancer controlling all the undead inside the mansion. This is where the session ended for the night what is inside the two metal door? What is all the bubbling of chemicals? And where is the sword that the party needs to find? Find out next time on Sunday D&D!!


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