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  • Denelspire

    The grand tower of Denelspire has stood for years as a bastion against evil. Originally built by servitors of Iomedae, Denelspire has become a place of gathering for followers of Sarenrae and Cayden Cailean as well, for both can find ample opportunity for …

  • Chase Tales

    As a child, Chase loved hearing his father's tales of daring and bravery. As a young man, Chase excelled at the archery his mother taught him. When he came of age, he set off on his own in search of tales of adventure, and maybe just a few of his own.

  • Siegran

    Siegran was born and raised in Taltos. He's seen first hand the kind of misery this land is capable of. He's also seen how the power of good people can affect the world around him as well. He strives every day to be a force for good, to help bring peace …