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  • Taltos

    Taltos is a cursed land, home to seemingly never ending conflict. It's people, however, are resilient and perennially manage to persist in this harsh land. With it's rich history and exotic wares, Taltos constantly draws in adventurers looking to make …

  • Aizen Krahl

    A small dwarven city-state situated in the [[Talon Pass]]. Aizen Krahl is the first defense against the [[Orc | orcish]] hordes invading from the [[Monglash Steppe]]. A martial society, the dwarves of Aizen Krahl spend most of their time defending [[ …

  • Craclaw

    A city built entirely on the principles of power and tyranny. Craclaw is an ugly stain on the history of men.

  • Necropolis

    A cursed city at the foot of Mount Kindle. The Necropolis is an ever present threat to [[Taltos]]. Those who live in it's shadow do so in constant fear, for when black clouds billow from the the [[Cryptspire]], the hunt had begun.

  • Nefosokar

    The Nefsokar, or Children of [[Sokar]], roam the southern lands of [[Taltos]]. Guarding the ancient tombs of their ancestors.

  • Crusaders

    The Crusaders of [[Denelspire]] are a military organization dedicated to bringing peace to the land of Taltos and breaking whatever foul curse holds this land. The Crusaders fight a never ending war on many fronts. To the south they have the wandering [[ …